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Bridal Rage -

Bare Knuckled Bridezilla
Full name: 
More nicknames: 
“The Savage Bride” “Trisha the Terrible”
Park Heights, Missouri
Hair color: 
Fighting Style: 
Tai Bo, Bouquet Wrestling, Shoot Fighting
A Poised Jennifer Garner Meets Winona Ryder On Her Wedding Day
Wardrobe / Props: 
White Wedding Dress and Matching Shoes, White Veil, Bouquet of Flowers
Battle cry: 
“You may now kiss the bride’s knuckles” “Here comes the bride… to end you” “Here comes the bride, bitch” “With these fists, I do demolish” “The four little words every girl wants to hear. I will bury you” “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the unholy union between my fist and this girl’s face” “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness this stupid girl getting her ass kicked” “If anyone here objects to this girl getting choked out, speak now and I’ll beat your ass next. Or forever hold her in pieces.”
Political affiliation: 
To Herself And Her Impending Wedding
Reason for fighting: 
To get into great shape and help pay for her wedding.
Wine Tasting, Bachelorette Parties, Underground Knife Fights
Day job: 
Interior Decorator
Favorite music: 
Here Comes The Bride
Favorite movies: 
Kill Bill, Wedding Crashers, Blood Sport
Role models: 
Victoria Beckham, Uma Thurman, Madonna,
Favorite drink: 
A Champagne Valium
Signature moves: 
Honeymooner, Bachelorette Party, Bouquet Toss
Finishing move: 
Wedding Crash


Efficiently channeling her innermost wedding day insecurities and frustrations into one relentless onslaught of barbaric aggression, “Bridal Rage” Trisha Kenwood is a frenzied control freak with unparalleled guile.

Born and raised in the pretentious bosom of the affluent Missouri suburbs, an impressionistic young Kenwood had long dreamt about her ideal fairy tale wedding. Consumed throughout high school and college with attracting the perfect soul mate to ultimately settle down with, Kenwood made a concerted effort to completely envelop herself into becoming the most outwardly appealing woman Missouri had ever seen. Electing to date only the worthiest of suitors, an uncompromising Kenwood was consistently plagued by the limitations of her own unobtainable standards. Quickly facing the harsh realization that no man would ever be able to live up to her impossible expectations, a disheartened and despondent Kenwood joined a local MMA class to help healthily expel her brooding frustration with the opposite sex.

However, in the midst of taking out her internal hostilities on countless heavy bags and punch mitts, a susceptible Kenwood would surprisingly find the true love that had long eluded her in the form of her strong jawed MMA instructor. Entangling herself in a torrid 3-month romance followed by a whirlwind engagement, a love struck Kenwood would finally be able to start meticulously planning every last detail of her dream wedding.

Looking for a sure-fire way to get into tip top wedding day shape, while also providing herself with a sanity saving outlet to help purge the mounting stress of putting together a 200 person wedding from her mind and body, Kenwood choose to put her newly found MMA training to good use by competing and eventually thriving in regional female shoot fighting tournaments. Currently fighting exclusively in MWE, Kenwood now unleashes her own brand of focused brutality on her opponents in order to help pay for unnecessary and lavish wedding accoutrements (including a chocolate fountain and a horse drawn carriage) while simultaneously staying bride-to-be fit.