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DJ Electric Jaguar -

The cash strapped underground DJ
Full name: 
Eliza Dolan
More nicknames: 
"MC Naked Battleship"
Big Sky, Montana
Hair color: 
Long with streamers flowing out of it
Fighting Style: 
Naval Self Defense, Break Dance Karate, Molly Induced Tai Chi
Mila Kunis meets Paris Hilton dipped in Daft Punk
Wardrobe / Props: 
Wireless Headphones, Glow Stick Necklace, Glittered Gas Mask, Mylar Track Jacket and Pants
Battle cry: 
“Music is my message, Winning is just my day job.”
Political affiliation: 
The Love Mafia
Reason for fighting: 
Spread awareness of her music and supplement her income.
Sleeping In, Dance Dance Revolution, Back Rubs
Day job: 
Club DJ
Favorite music: 
Rave Mix
Favorite movies: 
Go, Human Traffic, Tron
Role models: 
Mary J. Blige, Anne Lebowitz, Traci Lords
Favorite drink: 
Red Bull and Vodka
Signature moves: 
Sound Check, Fist Pump, Crossfader
Finishing move: 
After Party


Growing up in a community rooted in traditional ideals and rural values, Eliza Dolan aka “MC Naked Battleship” dared to be herself. Routinely being viewed as a problematic child for jamming out to EDM music, and regularly speaking her mind, Dolan quickly escaped the small mindedness of her surroundings by enlisting in the U.S. Navy.

During her 4-year stint at sea, Dolan was promptly exposed to a variety of practical militaristic activities ranging from rescue swimming to, her personal favorite, Naval Self Defense training. Being one of the only women on her ship, Dolan was also forced to grow an outer shell of impenetrable toughness in order to achieve and maintain a level of respectfulness from her superior officers and fellow male sailors. Although her overall naval experience turned out to be extremely positive, Dolan was consistently frustrated with being enveloped by increasingly narrow thinking people. 

After honorably completing her full term of service, and saving up four years worth of Naval salary, an adventurous Dolan transplanted herself into the heart of Los Angeles. Finally being able to surround herself with likeminded individuals, while supplementing herself by working a part time job as a women’s self defense instructor, Dolan decided on a whim to embark on creating electronic club music as her down time hobby. Teaching herself to mix tracks and create drops, Dolan soon took her emerging musical ambitions to the next level. Earning low paying DJ gigs at a recurring neighboring underground warehouse party, MC Naked Battleship successfully cultivated a rabid following by combining Dolan’s natural musical genius with outrageous stage shows.

While working the alternative club scene had satisfied her outlet for creativity, Dolan was still unable to make a fulltime livelihood out of being a DJ. Subsequently, Dolan unceremoniously lost her day job due to health center budgetary constraints, and began relying on her dwindling savings to pay all her expenses. Realizing fast she needed to find another source of viable income, Dolan decided to put her expansive knowledge of Naval Self Defense to good use. Finding an innovative solution to resolve her monetary obstacle, Dolan currently subsidizes her life as a DJ with the extra income she makes from her new day job as a paid fighter.