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Memphis Quaalude -

In Over Her Head Female Elvis Impersonator
Full name: 
More nicknames: 
“Memphis” “Blue Suede Bruiser” “Graceland Gladiator”
Mason City, Iowa
Hair color: 
Feminine Elvis (Long, But Stylized)
Fighting Style: 
Elvis Tiger Karate, Street Fighting, Crowd Control
Mila Kunis Meets Elvis Presley
Wardrobe / Props: 
Elvis Jump Suit, Elvis Glasses, Elvis Cape, Platform Shoes, Red Elvis Scarf
Battle cry: 
“Your self esteem has officially left the building” “Let me introduce you to my band. (Hold up Fists) This is Rhythm and this is Blues. You all should collaborate” “ You ain’t nothing but a Hound Dog that needs to be put out of its misery” You ain’t nothing but a Hound Dog and that’s exactly how I’m going to treat you.”
Political affiliation: 
To the memory of Elvis Presley
Reason for fighting: 
To Pay Back A Loan Shark
Playing Guitar, Dancing, Singing
Day job: 
Elvis Impersonator
Favorite music: 
Old Elvis Presley
Favorite movies: 
Viva Las Vegas, 3000 Miles To Graceland, The Cooler
Role models: 
Katherine McPhee, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton
Favorite drink: 
Peach Brandy
Signature moves: 
Pelvis Shake, Hound Dogger, Blue Suede Stomp
Finishing move: 
Thank You, Thank You Very Much


Being a newer addition to the world of professional female fighting, Paisley “Memphis Quaalude” Addison has utilized her Elvis inspired Tiger Karate and astounding resiliency to pain to quickly rock and roll her way to victory.

Born and raised in Mason City, Iowa, Addison’s infatuation with the king of rock began at an early age. Growing up in a dysfunctional home, Addison would often escape the reality of her surroundings by losing herself in listening to classic Elvis Presley cassette tapes. Quickly becoming a devoted Presley disciple by the time she was 16, Addison soon was inspired to teach herself to play the guitar, take after school karate lessons, and even dress up like her idol every Halloween. By her senior year of high school, an astute Addison began to monetize her love for Presley by founding and becoming the lead singer of an adult Elvis tribute band that regularly played gigs at her town’s lone bar.

Garnering a great deal of buzz from a glowing review in a local newspaper, Addison was soon poached by a regional talent scout after witnessing one of her band’s live performances. Being immediately converted by her new manager into a full-on female Elvis impersonator solo act known as “Memphis Quaalude”, Addison gleefully began touring VFW’s and Indian casinos across the Midwest to the delight of audiences everywhere. By age 23, a road veteraned Addison was one of the most sought after nightlife attractions the state of Iowa had ever seen.

However, as Addison’s popularity flourished, so did her unspoken addiction to gambling on professional basketball. Soon finding herself entrenched in a $42,000 hole after losing a bet to a ruthless Sioux City loan shark, Addison was forced to begin looking for outside revenue streams to pay off her looming debt. Quickly choosing to take advantage of her years of karate training, Addison soon elected to enter into the booming scene of female combat sports. After handedly winning her first few bouts, Addison now competes exclusively for MWE while continuing to tour as one of the most in demand Elvis impersonators in the country. Still saddled with the burden of paying off her significant debt before her aforementioned loan shark breaks both her kneecaps, Addison continues to successfully dig herself out from under her daunting financial obligations and look cool while doing it.