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Ms. Bonguard -

The Real House Wife of Sacramento
Full name: 
Saundra Rudolph
Sacramento, CA
Hair color: 
Unflattering Dye Job with Extensions
Fighting Style: 
Catfight, Black Friday Scuffle, Yoga Fire
Carmen Elektra meets Maria Shriver
Wardrobe / Props: 
Designer Dress, Pearl Necklace, Black Stockings, High-Heels
Battle cry: 
“I love the smell of another woman’s failure in the morning.” “Calling you a loser is an insult to losers.”
Political affiliation: 
Reason for fighting: 
She’s bored, currently separated from her husband, and wants to mingle with new people.
Femme Fatale
Exotic Vacations, Fancy Restaurants, Charity Balls
Day job: 
Trophy Wife
Favorite music: 
Her unreleased dance music single.
Favorite movies: 
Showgirls, 9 and ½ weeks, Under Siege
Role models: 
Oprah Winfrey, Heidi Klum, Sharon Osborne
Favorite drink: 
White Wine Spritzer
Signature moves: 
Home Wrecker, Cougar Clutch, The Book Club
Finishing move: 
Hot Yoga


Emanating from the picturesque landscaping and oversized cul-de-sacs’ of California’s sleepy capitol, Saundra Bonguard-Rudolph intends to prove to everyone that she is more than just another gorgeous housewife with a secret.

Shortly after marrying her third husband, Bonguard became complacent with her life, and felt the need for some uninhibited excitement. Electing to take a new combative yoga classes from a hunky young trainer at her elitist country club, the former Sacramento cheerleader quickly became obsessed with all things related to fighting, well after breaking off her affair with her instructor.

Exhausting endless amounts of time studying her new passion, and sculpting her body into an upper-class wrecking machine, Bonguard would repeatedly best her fellow classmates, and soon began to seek out for real world situations to unleash her ferocious skill set on. Reportedly preventing an armed assailant from robbing a nearby convenience store with extreme prejudice 3 months later, Bonguard’s appetite for adventurous violence exponentially grew, eventually destroying her latest marriage in its wake.   

Now continuing to feed her new habit with the challenges she faces in the world of organized fighting, Bonguard persists her training while searching to find a man who can relate to her most recent obsession.