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Trixie -

Former Magician’s Assistant with a Temper
Full name: 
Carson City, Nevada
Hair color: 
Long and Wavy
Fighting Style: 
Kick Boxing, Leg Striking
Zatanna Zatara, Vanna White and Cameron Diaz have an anger prone baby
Wardrobe / Props: 
Black Top Hat, White Gloves, Black Tuxedo Overcoat.
Battle cry: 
“Watch closely as I magically make your teeth… disappear.”
Political affiliation: 
Reason for fighting: 
Needs to pay for more court ordered anger management classes, and lawyer’s fees to sue the National Citadel of American Magicians for banning her.
Slot Machines, Newport Lights, Pilates
Day job: 
Unemployed Magician’s Assistant
Favorite music: 
80’s Rock
Favorite movies: 
Fight Club, Very Bad Things, Fargo
Role models: 
Gina Gershawn, Robin Givens, Marilyn Chambers
Favorite drink: 
Complimentary Champagne
Signature moves: 
Rabbit Pull, Show Stopper, Top Hat Hammer
Finishing move: 
Sorcerer’s Apprentice


From the lonely two-lane highways of rural America, to the muted glamour of a residential casino magic act in Reno, trouble always had a funny way of catching up with Trixie Maddox. The sole daughter of a small time loan shark and a former showgirl, Maddox was seemingly destined for a life on stage. Touring around the globe for 3 grueling years with “Pomona Navarro’s Circus of the Extreme”, Maddox was unjustly terminated from her job in 2010 for stomping the skull of an inappropriately frisky trapeze artist into unconsciousness during a heated backstage altercation.

Returning back home to Nevada, Maddox regrouped and soon found new work as the full time magician’s assistant for up-and-coming illusionist Danny Cypress. However, Maddox’s streak of rotten luck continued when one night in 2014, Cypress botched a human mermaid trick that nearly drowned his temperamental assistant alive. After the show, an irate Maddox overpowered her fragile employer, and maliciously broke his jaw with one well-placed knee to Cypress’ chin before quitting her post.

Since this disastrous incident, Maddox was charged with 3rd degree assault, and sentenced to a lengthy period of probation, which included 100 hours of outrageously expensive anger management classes. To add insult to injury, Maddox was also subsequently black balled from ever performing again by the National Citadel of American Magician’s.

Newly unemployed and virtually broke, Maddox moved in with her great aunt in Carson City, and is now suing The National Citadel for immediate reinstatement in Nevada’s 9th circuit federal court of appeals. For the time being, Maddox has taking to professional fighting to pay her bills and expenses.           

 While Maddox is temporarily still banned from performing or assisting in any magic or magic related activities until her case has been resolved, this plucky entertainer continues to keep her gorgeously toned legs in shape with a daily regiment of Pilates and kickboxing along with paid fighting in the hopes of one day returning to the spotlight with a magic act all her own.