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About the coach

Forcibly imposing her hard knocked will and destructively insolent attitude on the pliable innocence of MWE’s Chicago Slice, Sabrina “Bullet Juice” Dantes vehemently coaches her adopted hometown team with lawlessly gritty abandonment.

Emigrating as an outsider from Lisbon, Portugal with her culturally aloof family at age 5, an economically disadvantaged Dantes apathetically matured into a street hardened young delinquent amongst the unforgiving backdrop of Chicago’s violently fabled Southside. After narrowly graduating from high school, a recalcitrant Dantes unceremoniously began her small time organized crime career as an assistant book runner for a local smalltime syndicate. Quickly learning both the art and business sides of successfully running an underground sports book, Dantes was eventually elevated to the position of lieutenant bookmaker after consistently impressing her connected outfit bosses with her astonishing sports handicapping skills and overall earning capabilities.

Utterly fulfilled with her expanded role in the off the books operation, a hardworking Dantes ultimately became discontented with her short sighted employers, several years later, after being informed that she would never be considered a fully made member of her dwindling syndicate family due to her Portuguese heritage and gender. Quietly pondering looking for new employment in the legitimate world of sports scouting, Dantes narrowly survived a harrowing nighttime drive-by-shooting and subsequent arson attack while diligently working after hours. Emotionally rattled by the horrendous incident, and having her place of business completely burned down, a disenfranchised Dantes was afforded a rare one-time opportunity from her downsizing employers to safely resign from the crumbling organization.

Immediately searching for a new line of honest sports related work, a bold Dantes sweet-talked her way into the MWE Universe after successfully interviewing for an entry level scouting position. Displaying a unique aptitude for discovering, evaluating, and nurturing athletic talent throughout the formative years of MWE, Dantes was eventually rewarded for her dedicated efforts by being promoted to the coveted head-coaching job of the Chicago Slice.