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About the coach

Steadily leading her flock of blonde minions by fostering a locker room environment of backstabbing and selfishness, Rosie “American Rose” Chatwell is a sociopathic master of manipulative mind games. In various efforts to further her team’s current and future interests, this former “It” girl has partaken in several types of underhanded tactics including passive aggressive backstage bullying, systematically pitting teammates against each other, and even the drugging one of her own players.

Discovering and sharpening her cunning egocentric claws during her formative years, a pride filled Chatwell has always been the center of attention and controversy. However, understanding the intrinsic value of rumors and innuendo, Chatwell was able to take advantage of meaningless offhanded gossip and spin it into emotional, social, and economic success throughout her life.

Continuing the desire to feed her own diabolical need to puppeteer around those she considers beneath her, but unwilling to get her own hands dirty as a competitor, Chatwell was memorized by the notion of becoming a coach for MWE after being introduced to the sport by her then-friend “Fiery” Phoenix Spencer. Instantly setting her sights on becoming the non-participative leader of her own team of female gladiators, a calculating Chatwell spent years deviously maneuvering her relationship with Spencer and others on her way to eventually being awarded the head coaching position of the Dallas Debutantes.