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DC Cannons - East

About the coach

Prominently shaking hands and kissing babies, while simultaneously soliciting corporate kickbacks and orchestrating county-wide mail fraud, Maryland State Senator Abigail “Senator Macabre” Macaulay is MWE’s resident political power house and nefariously ill-tempered coach of the DC Cannons.

Born and raised in the upper echelon of suburban Baltimore, Macaulay became overwhelmingly entranced with the intoxicating authoritative power structure of American politics. Graduating from law school years later, and taking an entry-level position as a lowly assistant to the wife of an up-and-coming house representative candidate, a conniving Macaulay manipulatively hoodwinked her way into being promoted to the campaign’s finance chairman in under 7 short months.     

Parlaying her unscrupulous behind-the-scenes networking and self serving treachery into her own successful bid to become Maryland State Senator only 2 years later, Macaulay quickly earned the nick name Senator Macabre for her unlawful strong-armed political tactics and unethical disregard for the financial well-being of her constituency. Arguably corrupted by her first true taste of power, Macaulay’s unforgiving reign of political atrocities raged onward until an amateur audio recording surfaced of the Senator verbally berating a tour group of French Canadian nationals while on an Ambien induced tirade serendipitously derailed the high flying momentum of her young career.

Caught embarrassingly red handed in the midst of her first major political scandal, a damage control minded Macaulay attempted to rehabilitate her tarnished image by launching an aggressive public and community relations crusade. Unapologetically pandering directly to local sports fans in a desperate attempt to improve her fleeting likability, Macaulay strategically partnered with the newly rechristened MWE’s to launch a co-funded charitable women’s health initiative. Eventually making headlines after some time by accepting the position of inaugural head coach of MWE’s newest expansion team (The DC Cannons), a refocused Macaulay legitimately discovered and embraced an unknown passion for the unrelenting competition only found in an MWE ring.