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Denver Elements - West

About the coach

Disgustingly piggybacking public notoriety off the success of her psychologically victimized players, Gwyneth “Diamond Thunder” Thurman aspires to turn herself into a household celebrity no matter how much of her family’s fortune it costs. Born to a widowed wealthy southern-aristocratic father that refused to deny his daughter anything she desired, Thurman carelessly glided through life without ever truly appreciating everything that was handed to her. Aimlessly floating from one spectacularly failed career choice to the next in the quest for fame, a lackadaisical Thurman always displayed moderate ambition into achieving her ultimate goal of stardom, but had neither the drive nor tools to get their on her own.

Accepting this realization from her therapist as an actuality, the crafty Thurman re-plotted her strategic climb to fame by looking to financially attach herself to any hot new investment media mediums that could also provide her with the cross platform exposure she craved. Soon becoming accidentally exposed to MWE through the Internet, Thurman believed she had finally found the perfect vehicle to lead her to fame. In a flash, Thurman quickly convinced her father into purchasing the upstart Denver franchise, and soon after, forced his hand in appointing her as the acting CEO and inaugural head coach.

Thurman was initially overjoyed with the sole prospect alone of having her own troupe of living dolls to order around, but seemed to have overlooked the fundamental aspects of coaching and managing that came with her new position. Having never had any past experience in personally participating in athletics or being a member of a team, Thurman, over time, cultivated an improvised coaching style that reflected the splintered dichotomy of her own simplistic persona. Relying primarily on rewarding excellence while punishing failure, Thurman was shockingly able to create and maintain a successful coaching record without having any of the essential knowledge or qualifications required to be an effective coach or general manager. Currently saddling herself with the ridiculously tacky nickname “Diamond Thunder” (to show off the duality of her split volatile nature while trying to sound cool), Thurman continues to dehumanize her players and hijack the glory of her team in an effort to become more legitimized and well known.