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Las Vegas Divas - West

About the coach

Effervescently leading her hand chosen troupe of female combatants on the uncertain road to victory, while simultaneously berating her team’s competition with a barrage of malicious insults, Victoria “ Venom Stiletto” Marquez is a gorgeous street-wise seductress, blessed with seemingly endless amounts of raw energy.

Having had the advantage of being born and raised in the middle of Sin City, Marquez became very connected to all the ins and outs of Las Vegas culture at an extremely young age. Fresh off of graduating from high school, a diligent Marquez immediately began making her mark on an already overcrowded Las Vegas nightlife scene by successfully promoting “off the strip” parties and underground raves. Quickly garnering a sterling reputation around town as one of Sin City’s premiere party planners, Marquez soon found her services to be highly in demand by visiting celebrities and various organizations. Eventually being courted with six figure contracts by several of the town’s hottest nightclubs and bars, Marquez ultimately inked a sizable deal to exclusively promote and manage the new Forbidden Audio Night Club, where she still works to this very day.

Aside from all her professional success, Marquez is a true adrenaline junkie at heart. Looking to catch a fast rush by watching and participating in all sorts of dangerous activities, Marquez is constantly searching for unconventional ways to find a buzz. Naturally, Marquez fell in love with MWE after witnessing one of the organization’s first live events on the Vegas strip. Immediately looking for anyway to get more involved in the expansion of the upstart league, Marquez used her network of connections to get a face to face meeting with the MWE commissioner, and was immediately invited to be his personal guest at the next MWE live event. Seeing true potential in having Marquez as a MWE coach after witnessing the impassioned club promoter vocally tear apart the New York Drivers for 90 minutes straight without stopping, the MWE Commissioner quickly offered Marquez the head coaching position of the newly formed Las Vegas Divas. Graciously accepting his generous offer, Marquez continues to coach her team with the same unrelenting enthusiasm that has driven her to success throughout her life.