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Seattle Cougars - West

About the coach

Courageously overcoming insurmountable professional and personal odds throughout the course of her selfless existence, American army veteran Sgt. Laura “Alpha Vicious” Rucker valiantly represents the true indomitable spirit of a modern day hero.

Growing up as a patriotically idealistic army brat on numerous military bases across the continental United States, the well-traveled Rucker found inherent stability in the consistent behavior and habitat of the armed forces’ lifestyle. Inspired by both of her parent’s fortuitously lifelong careers in military service, the steadfast Rucker enlisted herself in the United States Army at the age of 18. After drastically outperforming the majority of her male contemporaries at boot camp, an overachieving Rucker was quietly transferred to a secretive battalion of infantry specialists known as fabled the “6-1-2 Hangmen”.

Before long, Rucker and her new band of highly trained allies were dispatched into actively volatile hot spots and intensely dangerous ground campaigns across the globe. Quickly procuring the sobriquet “Alpha Vicious” for her improvisational leadership methodology, Rucker became an instrumental facet of the story's “Hangmen’s” continued success. However, after bravely surviving 2 tours of covert duty, the war chiseled Rucker was unexpectedly forced to honorably retire from the front lines after suffering the surreal misfortune of being diagnosed with the earliest stages of Multiple Sclerosis.

Somberly transitioning back into everyday civilian life, the Army assigned Rucker to a low-stress desk job as an Army Recruitment Advisor in Seattle, Washington. Struggling with her initial career change, but eventually flourishing in her new position, Rucker still secretly yearned for the comradery and action of her time spent in active military duty. Beginning to search far and wide for any way to recapture some tiny semblance of her former glory, Rucker soon found a suitable replacement after being exposed to the universe of MWE.

Immediately realizing that she would never be permitted to participate as an active competitor due to her medical status, Rucker blindly petitioned the league office in the hopes of one day becoming a part time referee. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of Rucker’s incredible life story and engaging persona, the humbled MWE instantly decided to offer Rucker a significantly more distinguished position in the organization as the newest head coach of the Seattle Cougars. Gleefully accepting the position, a currently rejuvenated Rucker now discerningly coaches her team with unflappable integrity and all enveloping dedication.